Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage; there are psychological and emotional implications, and certainly there are the financial aspects of dividing marital assets and marital debt.

Most divorces in Pennsylvania are handled as no-fault divorces and require the consent of both parties, or when only one party wants the divorce, Pennsylvania divorce law requires that the parties have lived separate and apart for a period of at least two years. The Law Offices of Susan J. Cherner provides experienced family law attorneys who represent their clients in all matters related to divorce and the dissolution of a marriage. Please call to schedule an appointment at the Media office to discuss your rights and options if you are interested in filing a divorce action or even if you are just considering separation or divorce.

Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state. Parties can, with the assistance of experienced family law attorneys who can help you navigate this complex area, amicably resolve the distribution of assets in a Property Settlement Agreement. When an amicable settlement is not possible, Ms. Cherner and Ms. Czekaj will vigorously assist all clients in preparing and presenting their case in order to obtain the best possible court-ordered outcome. They will help clients identify and value all marital assets, including real estate, retirement accounts and pensions, businesses, bank accounts and brokerage accounts, stock options and awards and all other potential marital assets