Couples planning to marry may want to consider a prenuptial or premarital agreement, whether this is a first marriage or a second or subsequent marriage.

This is particularly the case when the parties have acquired substantial assets prior to the marriage, when either or both parties own a business and when there are family trusts or inherited assets. Couples who have children from a prior marriage or relationship frequently wish to have the clarity of a prenuptial agreement that will address property division and alimony in the event of a divorce and also disposition of assets at the time of death.

While some people prefer not to think about the possibility of divorce when they are entering into a marriage, for many individuals, this is a part of financial planning. Susan Cherner and Joan Czekaj are here to help each client assess and evaluate the need for a prenuptial agreement. They are sensitive to the fact that the primary goal of the client is the marriage and the building of a life-long partnership; at the same time, for those clients who seek their assistance in the preparation of a prenuptial agreement, Ms. Cherner and Ms. Czekaj provide much needed assistance in the protection of assets and income in the event of divorce or death.